About Us

March 2021 

Eboni Markets is the brainchild of Lewisham local Jenny Fraser. The re-launch of the company coincides with the 18th Birthday of her son Isaac. It also 18 months since she closed her last Caribbean fresh food delivery service Ebony Status (first opened for business in March 2017).

The rebirth, rebranding and renaming of her Delivery Business is aiming to bring a taste of 'HOME' to UK residents, Eboni Markets is a celebration of the recipes and traditions at the heart of the Black British community and their off-spring.

Popular products include fresh meat and fish, sauces, pickles and marinades, hot and cold drinks, rum cakes and much more. 

For many indviduals the last 18 months has been a time when the world seemes to have became smaller.  It proved to be the right time to relaunch and rebrand the business -  Eboni Markets.

The re-launch happened at the end of March 2021, a time associated with rebirth and renewal.  Eboni Markets is a celebration of the tastes of HOME that comforts, enlivens and brings folk back to who they were. 

The business was inspired by her mother, Merle Fraser.  She was struggling to carry heavy bags filled with tropical goodness. It turned out she had travelled halfway across London just to buy plantain! While there was plenty of plantain in her local shops,  Merle was prepared to go out of her way and pay more to get what she was looking for. This gave rise to the idea for a home delivery service catering for the needs of mothers just like Merle.  People who seem to have been forgotten, uncatered for and generally unappreciated for the committment and loyalty they have shown to this country and their communities. 

Jenny quit her job as a local primary school teacher and started a delivery service. Eboni Markets is striving to be described as THE online shopping destination for the Black British community. Starting off with our food - something we know and love.  

Drawing strength from Jamaican and Windrush Generation roots, Eboni Markets hopes to also reach those with access issues such as wheelchair users, those with underlying health issues such as hypertension and diabetes as well as the many local residents with learning difficulties many of whom have had their services cut and have little representation -  just like the elderly.  For anyone living in an area where there aren’t many tropical food shops left, such as, Brixton, the Eboni Markets product range has been curated to bring comforting tastes of the Caribbean to people EVERYWHERE in Britain no matter who they are or what restrictions they face. 

The Eboni Market's vision, is to create social and financial change for future generations.  Customers know that every purchase from Eboni Markets is an investment in the black community’s economic wealth. Every purchase goes towards supporting a black-owned and SME business.  The more we spend with each other’s businesses, the more we create a solution to a global problem.

One question that is asked a lot is why the word Ebony or now Eboni is used.  It is not to exclude anyone.  The products sold can to be eaten and enjoyed by everybody no matter what back-ground they come from.  It is the same reason many people eat a range of foods from a range of countries and cultures.  People just love experiementing with food. It. Think of buying a box from Eboni Markets  as a chance to enjoy the Notting Hill Carnival, every day in comfort of your own home.  It really is the kind of food that makes you want to dance. 

Ebony or now with the new spelling Eboni is in memory of Jenny's late father Ivan. When Jenny was growing up her father used to have a nickname or pet name for her.  That name was Ebony Eyes it was also the song he used to play for her on his sound system on a Saturday night.  She would stand on his toes and he would dance her around and sing the song to her.   Merging  the spellings Ebony and Eyes = Eboni.   Just remember its "Eboni with an I" 

Here is the link to that special song in case you have never heard it. 

Ebony Eyes by Pat Kelly