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Terms & Conditions - Eboni Markets Ltd

Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms & Conditions. 

Eboni Markets Ltd is small but growing company. Our terms and conditions section, is an undertaking from Eboni Markets Ltd, to let you know what you can expect when you spend your money with Eboni Markets Ltd.  These terms, are written down and binding. 

Attempts have been made to make this information clear and simple to understand.  However, if there are any aspects not fully understood contact Eboni Markets Ltd in writing via email to    A member of the team will respond in writing within 5 working days.   

The following information has been is broken down into small easy to digest chunks.  Including the relevant information and avoiding any confusing language or technical jargon.  By explaining the process, and what reasonable step can be taken, Eboni Markets Ltd, and you (the customer) can be clear of what steps to take should things go wrong. 

The sections:

1. Using Eboni Markets Ltd online shop 

2. Opening an Ebony Markets Ltd account, storing personal information and security of personal information

3. Pricing 

4. Deliveries 

5. Subscriptons 

6. Complaints 

7. Refunds 

Please make sure these Terms & Condition are read and understood before using the Eboni Markets Ltd online shop and placing an order.  If you use this online shop you are entering into an agreement. 

1.  Using the Eboni Markets Ltd Online Shop

a. This online shop is for personal use by adults over the age of 18.

b. All text, photography, videos, logos and any other content on this online shop is either owned by Eboni Markets Ltd or included on this online shop with the permission of a third party.  The majority of the written and photographic content included on the Eboni Markets Ltd online shop is produced and owned by Eboni Markets Ltd.  This content is copyright protected.  Please ask for permission before using this content anywhere else.  It is forbidden to use our content (words or images) for commercial purposes without Eboni Markets Ltd prior written permission

c. If any user provides information, including content to this online shop including any personal information please ensure that it is true, accurate and up to date.  Please ensure that any information written as part of a review, blog or anywhere else is not the work on any other third party, neither should it contain anything that in abusive, obscene, libelous, unlawful or be an invasion on anyone else's privacy.  Eboni Markets Ltd will remove anything that falls into the categories mentioned. 

d. From time to time we endorse or promote products and other goods and services. Where no associaion or endorsement exists, please do not claim any false association with Eboni Markets Ltd.

e. If our server or website goes down without warning this will be sorted out as quickly as possible.  If we make any mistakes in our written material we will correct it as soon as possible. 

f. If you follow any links from the Eboni Markets Ltd online shop to other websites please do your best to check their terms and conditions.


2. Opening an Eboni Markets Ltd account, storing personal information and security of personal information

a. If you place an order with Eboni Markets Ltd you understand and agree for us to collect, process, store and use the personal information that you provide us with.  We respect the privacy of our customers and will only collect, process, store and use personal information for the purpose that it was supplied to Eboni Markets Ltd. 

b. PLEASE register an account with Eboni Markets Ltd it is your responsibility ensure that all the information is accurate and up to date.  

c. If you move, change your telphone number, email address or name please let us know in writing by updating your account information online. 

d. Do not use a false name or identity or impersonate another person or company.

e. Please keep your Eboni Markets, account login details and passwords private.  If you believe there has been a breach in your security.  Please inform Eboni Markets Ltd. 

f. We try our best to make sure that the images of the products are realistic.  However, these same images might look different on your computer, tablet or phone.  Or, due to the fact that we are dealing with natural fresh producuce they will simply vary due to nature.  It is not our intention to mislead you.

g.  A lot of the producce on the website are tropical and come a long way. They sometimes arrive late, in poor condition or occasionally they do not arrive at all.  During these tricky and unavoidable times we will do our best to offer a substition or a refund.  

3. Pricing 

a. All our pricing is shown in British Pounds (£).  We ONLY deliver to UK Mainland. Some of the goods we sell are inclusive of VAT. Some of the goods we sell are VAT exempt  Some of our goods include a sugar tax.      

b. We offer the occasional discount or promotion.  Each discount or promotion will feature a discount code for use ONLY on the Eboni Markets Ltd on-line shop. Every promotion or discount will be for a limited time only. We do not offer any cash alternatives to these discounts or promotions.

c.  We charge a delivery fee.  This delivery fee is charged seperately and is applied at the checkout.  

d. Any packaging cost is included in the cost of the product.  We do our best to keep packaging to a minimum.     

d. Most of our prices shown on our on-line shop are correct.  From time to time we might make a mistake we apologies in advance for these errors.

e. We take payments from Most Debit and Credit Card companies. For security reasons we use STRIPE to process these transactions. We also accept Paypal (Both methods are equally secure).  We can accept payments via BACs please contact us well in advance if you wish to pay in this way. 

f.  We can take telephone orders. Contact us on 07887 895 247.  We will do our best to help.  For all other enquires please contact us via emal to  

4. Deliveries 

a. We attempt to make all deliveries on a Friday unless this coincides with a public holiday. We will inform these changes on our Website. We will publish our delivery dates on the website  and keep them regularly updated.  

b. The cut off time for making and taking  orders is every Wednesday at 6pm   If you think you are in danger of missing the cut off day and time, why not consider our  subscription service?  A range of box, sizes and delivery frequencies exist. If you miss the cut off date and time, your order will probably be processed and delivered the following week.  

b. When placing your order, please give us the correct delivery address, current or usual email addressphone number and the name of the person that is expecting the delivery.  

c. If you are not at home we will usually deliver your items on the doorstep, or the porch, or in a pre-arranged safe place. 

d. If you live in a block of flats, have an entry system or have an alternative postcode or illogical numbering system. Please tell give us this information when ordering.   

e. We use a delivery partner. They will email to let your know your goods are on the way. 

f. There might be the delays to your delivery due to unforseen and unavoidable circumstances such as caused by extreme weather conditions. Please bear with us.   In extreme cases you may wish to get in touch with them.  DX Customer Services Number is 0333 241 5061. 

g. We ONLY deliver to UK Mainland addresses and postcodes.

h. We DO NOT offer a click and collect service - Yet...

5.  Regular Subscriptions/Recurring Payments 

a. A subscription service is offered on our fruit and vegetable boxes 

       - weekly

       - fortnightly (every 2 weeks)

       - every 3 weeks 

       - monthly 

       - every 3 months 

b.  By placing a order for an subscription/recurring payment - you are entering into a legal contract.  

b. You must be 18 years old 

c. After you sign up for our service you will receive a welcome email from our online shop (  This confirms that we have accepted your subscription order.  If you use a third party such as Paypal to carry out the payment to this service, it is likely that they might also write to you. 

d. By taking out a subscription, you are agreeing to pay for regular orders.  This could be weekly, fortnightly, every 3 weeks, every month, or every 3 months.  The payments for that subscription will continue until it is cancelled or amended. Contact us if you need help to do this. 

e. To cancel your subscription please log back into your account and locate the cancellation button using the menu slide. Please do this 7 days before the payment is due to be taken.

f. You can re-instate your subscription or recurring payment at any time. 

6. Complaints 

a. You have rights as a customer. Included in your rights is your expectation to receive good quality produce, appropriately delivered. 

b. Sometimes things may go wrong with the quality of the goods or with the delivery.  

c. We will do our best to resolve whatever has gone wrong.

d. In the first instance please contact us via email at we will do our best to resolve your issue or deal with your complaint. 

e. We will do our best to be swift, polite and kind when dealing with any issues.  It would make us happy if you were to do the same when informing us of your opinions about, the produce or the delivery experience.  

f.  The best way to inform us is in writing to  A photo of the product is helpful.  

g.  Your complaint about perishable foods, must be received within 24 hours of delivery.  Complaints regarding perishible foods cannot be resolved any later than this.   

h. Yams are a tricky produce to deal with because the outward appearance of yam is all there is to go by.  Some discolouration of yams is natural and will not affect the taste. 

i. We might need to make a substitution.  If we do make a substitution it will be of produce that is equal to or more expensive than the produce that is being replaced.  

j.  If your are away from home, your box may delivered to a neighbour, your doorstep, porch.

7. Refunds 

a. Refunds or partial refunds will only be offered in exceptional circumstances.  

b. Our refunds policy (see complaints and the complaints procedure above) does not affect your statutory rights.

c. For more information about your legal rights as a consumer please contact your local authorithy trading standards department, or the Citizen's Advice Bureau. 

Our Details

Eboni Markets Ltd is a registerd in England with company number 12952219 . Registered office : 1 Merton Park Parade, Kingston Road, London SW19 3NT