Hibiscus Flowers - Dried (Sorrel) 65g

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Ripe Plantain

Of all the flavours in the Caribbean and other tropical places the plantain is the one food that is universally adored.

Around the world plantains are boiled, roasted or most commonly fried. Find a way to add one to the BBQ and you will not be disappointed. Fried sweet plantains are eaten on the side with dishes like stew peas and rice or ackee and saltfish.

The trick to making delicious fried plantain is to know which ones to choose. It’s all about how the skin looks; choose from firmer green plantain, to one with a sturdy yellowish tone, or go for one that looks more beaten up for a sweeter taste.

Plantain can be added to your diet as a replacement for the common potato. Not only are they far more delicious they are nutritionally more superior. They contain a richer source of fibre as well as vitamin A, C and B6, magnesium and potassium.

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Breadfruit - WHOLE

Breadfruit is a fruit, but used more like a vegetable It has formed part of a staple diet in many tropical countries since 1700. It was brought to the West Indies by colonisers.

The first attempt to take the 1,015 breadfruit tree specimens from Tahiti to the West Indies failed. There was a mutiny on board the HMS Bounty probably the most famous mutiny in history and breadfruit played the staring role. The second attempt delivered around 800 breadfruit trees on board the HMS Providence. Their taste was not to the liking of the workers and they refused to eat it.

Breadfruit was originally imported to provide a cheap, high energy food source for the plantation workers. Many trees were planted in adjacent to sugar plantations. The trees were fast growing and low maintenance and breadfruit is laden with carbohydrate . As the people refused to eat it so, the plants were used to fed the pigs instead! It took 40 years until the breadfruit was accepted and eaten by the inhabitants of the islands By this time the illegal trade of human life was officially abolished. It is this historical knowledge and the part that breadfruit played that prevented many elders from getting involved with breadfruit even to this day. But many more younger people love them.

Breadfruit are being touted as world's next superfood they are nutritious but have a high carbohydrate content, some fibre, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. This versatile fruit can be cooked in a number of ways, roasted, boiled, fried, made into porridge or a pudding, baked as a pie or processed and turned into flour. It is good pureed to make a nutritious baby food.

The only downside is breadfruits premium price to cover their air freight) also they delicate and perishable.


Ginger 190g

This wild ginger is grown in tropical climates and is imported to the UK from places like Uganda, Rwanda and Jamaica.

It is finer, fiery and more potent than other gingers.

Use it as a food ingredient in the ways you expect.

In tropical countries, where this type of ginger is grown it is also used in an additional way. It is washed and chewed skin on! Used in this way it is said to ward off chest complaints, coughs, colds and flu like symptoms. Ginger is efficient alternative choice due to its anti-inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial qualities.

Ginger can be boiled and used as a tea to limit nausea. If you don't have time to do this a ginger biscuit can also do the trick!

There is a possibility that ginger may thin the blood in the same way one everyday preparation (sold over the counter in lots of retail outlets) claims to do. Both ginger and the other product contain salicylates. The salicylates found ginger is entirely natural. There are times when using chemical enhancers might not be possible. Childhood and pregnancy are examples of these times. Therefore, dealing with issues naturally should alleviate any concerns.

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Green Bananas (6)

Green bananas are used as a vegetable, in place of rice, pasta or potatoes. Steam them, boil them mash them or use them instead of meat in a spicy curry dish. I have even experimented using them instead of pastry as a base for a homemade quiche. This is done by boiling and mashing them. Baking the base "blind" makes it crispy and flaky and more like the pastry you are trying to replace. If you have ever eaten or made a cheesecake the principle is the same - a biscuit is mashed up to form a base.

If boiling green bananas cook them separately, you can leave the skin on, wash them well first as bananas, just the same as every other crop grown outside, are spayed with chemicals to help them grow and keep the insects from feeding on them before the humans get a chance.

One trick to use when boiling green bananas in their skins, is to put a teaspoon of cooking oil in the water. It prevents the pot from turning black from the colour that leaves the green banana skin when they are cooked. It works! (Remove the skin before eating).

Green bananas have a low glycemic index (30). These types of foods prevent the blood sugar levels from rising. If you are diabetic you probably know the importance of this. It is likely that you are already seeking out substitutions for other carbohydrates to put on your plate. Green bananas can fill that void.

Although a starch, green bananas are 'resistant starch'. The body cannot absorb resistant starch or break it down and digest it in the normal way. Therefore, once eaten it passes from the small intestine into the large intestine. Once there, it begins to act like a special type of fibre (insoluble fibre) which helps to prevent constipation and ease symptoms of IBS and helps to keep cholesterol in check.

Green bananas are a valuable source of minerals such potassium (helpful for kidney and blood pressure health) magnesium, copper and manganese. Vitamin C and B6. They also help the body to absorb calcium from other calcium rich foods. Green banana porridge made with your choice of milk makes a healthy substitution breakfast cereal.

Green bananas have reputation for providing additional iron. I am not certain why this is. Eaten green they certainly do provide more iron than a yellow banana. However, neither variety is significantly high in iron to be consumed for this reason alone.

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