Delivery information

a. All our deliveries are made on a Friday (unless we have made changes due to Religious reasons).  We will inform these changes on our Website. We will publish our delivery dates on the website and keep them regularly updated.  

b. The cut off time for making orders is on a Wednesday at 6pm This deadline is subject to change due to seasonal dates and celebrations.   If you think you are in danger of missing the cut off day and time, consider our a subscription service.  We have provided a range of subscription boxes, sizes and frequencies (how often they will be delivered). We want to be helpful. We want to ensure that you do not miss out.  If you miss the cut off date and time, your order will be processed and delivered the following week.  

b. When placing your order, please give us the right delivery addresscurrent or usual email addressphone number and the name of the person that is expecting the delivery.  If this delivery information is inacurrate we will not be liable for the delivery of your order.  We might ask for a signature on delivery. 

c. If you are not at home we will usually deliver your items on the doorstep, in the porch, or in a pre-arranged safe place, this could even be a next door neighbour from time to time.  

d. If you live in a block of flats, have a complicated entry system or have an alternative postcode (all our drivers use a satnav) or illogical numbering system or indeed any thing that will make delivery of your goods diffifult.  Please let us know. This will save the driver valuable time, avoid confusion and frustration during the stressfull delivery process.  

e. Our delivery partner use a personalised delivery service please look out for emails and texts.   

f. Your order is important to us and we want you to have in good time.  Sometimes there might be a delay to your delivery.  This is the fault of unforseen and unavoidable circumstances.  This could be traffic caused by roadworks, or a high demand for deliveries or difficulties when making any delivery such as gaining access, to a building, climbing stairs or the driver being kept waiting.   Delays tend to be worse during busy periods and seasonal times.  Many delays are also caused by extreme weather conditions such as snow and icy roads.  Please bear with us.  

g. We ONLY deliver to UK Mainland addresses and postcodes.

h. We DO NOT offer a click and collect service at the moment